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You will receive three lessons each month. This is our advanced lesson program which analyzes 108 body points over 8 positions in your golf swing.

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Swingbot is intelligent software developed to automatically analyze and detect issues in your golf swing. Based on your analysis we will hand pick drills specific to your swing.



I'm so happy. Thanks! Well, I like the analysis a lot. It really impressed me the accuracy of the diagnostics... I've been struggling with the same flaws for quite some time now. The bot identified the same flaws as a PGA coach I once consulted with.

Dennis K.

Great app. I show it off to friends all the time. For me, still very much a beginner to golf (shoot around 100), it was a better experience AND cheaper than professional lessons. I'm a visual learner, so I like to see myself making the fault, and the video helps me remember.

Matt P.

I like the lessons a great deal. I have taken lessons with a coach before and what he tells me I need to work on and what I get from your site are the same things. I like your lessons more actually. When you deal with a coach in person, they tend to overload you with information. With your lessons, I can take them one step at a time and go at my own pace.

Dave R.

Thanks so much, John. Great lesson. Unreal. I hope you become extremely wealthy doing this. I will tell everyone about this except my brother because I need to beat him at golf. :)

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