How Swingbot Works

By John Giatropoulos
Last Updated: 09/08/2016

Getting a lesson is a double-edged sword. On the one hand you want to learn about your swing in order to improve, but on the other, lessons are a pain in the butt. In this article I'll show you how Swingbot makes improving your golf swing simple and fun.

What is Swing Analysis?

When people say "swing analysis" they are referring to the process of reviewing your golf swing, typically using a video recording.  This process is usually performed by a certified golf instructor.

Swingbot is a bit different. Since the golf swing is highly mechanical and can be broken down using actual science, why not take the knowledge of certified golf instructors and create a system that can analyze a swing automatically using new age technology?

Imagine an instructor's brain inside of a computer. The computer reviews your video, and creates a swing analysis based on the instructor's brain. That's how Swingbot works.

Swing Positions

There are 8 defined positions that are typically reviewed in the golf swing. They range from the setup position (when you "address" or setup to the ball) all the way to the finish position (when you are "finished" making your golf swing). You can see all 8 positions below.









Swingbot extracts each of these frames as shown above and will use these positions for your swing analysis.

Body Points

[user-image=address|right|7|p2p=left_shoulder:right_shoulder,p2p=right_shoulder:right_elbow, p2p=left_shoulder:left_elbow,p2p=left_elbow:hands,p2p=right_shoulder:right_elbow,p2p=left_shoulder:left_elbow,p2p=left_hip:left_knee,p2p=left_knee:left_foot,p2p=right_hip:right_knee,p2p=right_knee:right_foot,p2p=hands:clubhead,p2p=right_hip:left_hip,p2p=right_elbow:hands]Let's say an instructor wants to take a look at your head position throughout your golf swing and to see if it is moving laterally (side to side).

In order to determine if this is an issue in your golf swing, we need to retrieve the body points from your swing video. Once we have the points we can run algorithms against these points to determine if your head is moving.

In this case we will check the lateral movement of your head by comparing its position when you are at the address position, versus its position at the top of your backswing.

You will notice that lines are drawn on your swing images. This is how instructors show you visually what is happening in your swing. Swingbot does this automatically without the need for an instructor.

Lesson Programs

Swingbot has several Lesson Programs that you can choose to analyze your golf swing. Each lesson program analyzes different aspects of your golf swing. For example, if you are a beginner golfer, and would like to learn the basics, you can use the Fundamentals Down the Line or Fundamentals Face On Lesson Programs. If you have trouble hitting the ball to the right, you might choose a lesson program that focuses on curing a slice.

Record and Submit Your Video

The first step in getting a Swingbot Swing Analysis is recording your swing. If you are unsure how to record your swing for the most accurate swing analysis, head over to this article about submitting your swing video.

Once you record your swing and upload it to Swingbot, we will process your video. The 108 body points and the eight swing positions are then analyzed by our proprietary and sophisticated computer algorithms that were developed based on the knowledge of certified PGA professional instructors.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us directly.