A Solid Foundation

If you are new to golf, and would like to start at the beginning, and I'm talking about square 1, you've come to the right place.

Hip Movement During the Backswing

Today's post is about Hip Movement, hip shift, weight transfer, "sway", they all refer to basically the same thing. Let's walk through this and make sure you understand what this means and then understand what it should FEEL like when doing it correctly (and incorrectly).

How Swingbot Works

Getting a lesson is a double-edged sword. On the one hand you want to learn about your swing in order to improve, but on the other, lessons are a pain in the butt. In this article I'll show you how Swingbot makes improving your golf swing simple and fun.

Lesson Accuracy Guarantee

Swingbot is a software based automated lesson system. This means that when you submit your video a bunch of computers are calculating your analysis for you. Now, that being said, sometimes the detection algorithms can go a little awry, or your lesson points may not be displayed as perfectly as you would hope. Computers need to be trained to be perfect, and well, sometimes we cannot predict perfection every time.

Lesson Programs

We created different Lesson Programs as a way to accommodate all skill levels. If you are just starting out, we have "fundamental" programs. On the other hand, if you have been playing for a while, we have the "advanced" programs and will be adding more in between.

Lesson Programs Explained

A Lesson Program is a collection of analyses. Each Lesson Program will analyze specific things in your golf swing. This means that if you wanted to analyze your golf swing from the down the line camera angle, and you are a beginner golfer, you might choose the Fundamentals Down the Line Lesson Program to analyze your swing.

Recording Your Swing

I want to take a moment to discuss how to record your swing using the Swingbot app, or any digital camera. If you record your video improperly, or from the wrong angle, your analysis results won't be accurate.

Skipping the Stone

I'm a VERY visual person and when I think of golf tips and advice I need to visualize it so that it is etched in my mind. So when I read Ben Hogan's tip about "Skipping the Stone" I immediately could picture this motion, I just didn't realize it would work so well.

Stance at Address

Let's start with the basics. Setting up to the ball, figuring out how to even stand is can be a complicated endeavor, but let's break down the foundation of your golf swing based on a few methods.

Submitting a Swing Video

Excellent, so you've decided to upload your swing video to Swingbot and learn more about your golf swing. In this article I'll tell you about recording your swing and submitting it to Swingbot to get a golf lesson.

Swing Progress Report

There are lots of websites and tv shows providing tip after tip and unlimited videos to watch (and pay to watch). That's all well and good and the content is great (at times) but herein lies the problem.

Use the Force

In our previous article we talked about establishing "A Solid Foundation". If you read the article you now have a good understanding of how to address the ball, get yourself into an athletic position, how to determine ball location, and how to visualize the shot.

Wrist Angle at Downswing

This is an interesting topic, and one that many golfers need to fully understand. The wrist angle throughout the swing can cause various issues, and it is especially important during the downswing.

You Don't Need a Golf Lesson

The times have changed. Years ago, golf lessons were just that. A PGA Certified Instructor (if you were lucky) would watch you hit some balls, and then impart some golf wisdom upon you that you would listen to, nod, and then forget when you left the range never to remember again.